The centre will be used to design custom specific products for the Asia Pacific market.

Positive air flow is also necessary to push undesirable gasses out including CO and CO2 from different types of heating systems.

AirTouch 4 offers Individual Temperature Control technology which uses smart algorithms to regulate airflow.

Michell’s Optidew 401 chilled mirror hygrometer is traceable to national standards to provide a reference for humidity calibrations.

High performing HVAC systems and proper humidification strategies are required to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

Vacuum glass is set to replace double glazing and triple glazing.

OvalSox retains an inflated shape even during idle air handling periods .

At a recent forum hosted by AIRAH, industry leaders agreed that Australia is lagging behind when it comes to the realm of building physics.

Regulating air humidity is fundamentally important for healthcare facilities as the health conditions of patients, correct functioning of medical equipment, and well-being of doctors and visitors depend on it.

Interest in qualified pre-insulated duct systems is growing throughout the APAC region.

Airtight’s patented technology monitors air pressure in buildings and uses cloud-based algorithms to control ventilation systems.

Businesses need access to natural resources just to operate.

The manual has been designed for use by engineers, architects and contractors, as well as equipment owners, operators and specifiers.

This is the industry’s first air curtain to include needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) technology, enabling users to safely disinfect and purify air in the room.

The location of the building can indicate what contaminants to look for, such as a busy road.

Hollow bricks allow fresh air to circulate and natural light into the house.