Irrigation for the plants is harvested from rainwater tanks on the roof of the building.

The company said these units possess the highest air output of any air circulator on the Australian market.

The Active Energy Control function allows users to cap the energy consumption level.

An in-house service and commissioning division will also form part of the new business and be offered on all products and applications.

Unlike FEG, FEI considers motors and drives, not just fans, which makes FEI consistent with new efficiency metrics for pumps and air compressors.

The Position Paper focuses on particulate matter, which affects more people than any other pollutant.

The novel filter removes fine particles out of the air and could improve indoor air quality and reduce airborne allergens.

The team has developed a model that allows them to precisely calculate the convection heat transfer coefficient of a given tunnel environment.

The business continues to grow with the company expecting to reach $400 million in sales in the next few years.

Probes can be calibrated independent of the measuring instrument.

Both models come with two optional probe lengths: a long or a short probe, which is optimized specifically for small ducts.

The presentation on the 'New Secondary Mine Vent Fan Design' is highly anticipated at the global event.

The humidifier incorporates an RO water treatment system that ensures only pure water is introduced to the AHU.

Trees are a prime example of optimum strength with minimum use of materials.

The trademark is awarded to independently assessed, Best Practice PVC-compliant products that meet stringent life cycle criteria, developed by the Green Building Council of Australia.