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Designed for both professionals and practitioners, The Healthy Buildings Scorecard is a free self-assessment tool to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in buildings.

Econex OPA is an innovative range of variable capacity R32 inverter rooftop packaged systems that have been designed for high seasonal efficiency and low environmental impact.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Clean Air Technology is a new feature for split systems which is designed to improve indoor air quality.

With the release of its new Econex inverter R32 rooftop package units, Temperzone has taken innovation to the next level.

ABB's HVAC segment manager for drives, Paul Burrows, outlines a range of product offerings from ABB that can transform health care operations.

The search is on for anyone who attended the very first CCN Live event in 2012.

The ABB Ability Digital Powertrain is a suite of digital solutions including devices, software and services.

These achievements are all part of the Sustainable Sydney Plan 2030 which targeted a 70 per cent reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2030.

The winner was announced by the general manager of sales and planning at MHIAA, Adrian Brown, at the CCN Live event last month.

The 2020 winner was announced at last month’s CCN Live event.

Tradie of the Year

The winner of this award was announced at CCN Live 2020 by the national customer care manager at Temperzone, Mark Howcroft.

Winners of this award need to demonstrate vision, dedication and of course, leadership.

All the action from the 2020 HVACR Leadership Awards.

With all ECOLITE models, users enjoy the option of quick installation and commissioning thanks to the user-friendly controller with BEST software.

SET FREE Mini offers 3 types of outdoor units ranging from 3HP to 12HP with high energy savings, installation flexibility and environment adaptability.

Holyoake Industries operates manufacturing facilities in Australia and New Zealand.