• Feature's of Temperzone new OPA Econex units
    Feature's of Temperzone new OPA Econex units

With the release of its new Econex inverter R32 rooftop package units, Temperzone has taken innovation to the next level.

Increased energy efficiency and effective load matching are key design features of the Econex OPA range.

This is a system created to assist organisations in their carbon reduction efforts while still providing exceptionally wide heating and cooling ranges. For example, the OPA 350 will deliver a heating capacity 27 per cent above nominall, and a cooling capacity 30 per cent above nominal.

As standard, all unit’s feature EC plug fans and EC condenser fans, dual electronic expansion valves and inverter compressors.

Temperzone’s UC8 intelligent control logic enables the synergistic control of these components for significantly improved seasonal energy efficiency when compared to fixed speed solutions, achieving total cooling seasonal performance factors as high as 6.414 with the OPA 250.

Of course easy and cost effective installation has always been part of the Temperzone experience and this has been made even easier as unit footprints have been reduced by up to 22 per cent when compared to current R410a models. Check out the features first hand at: