Case Studies

The systems enable perishable shipments to travel farther, while retaining commodity quality.

An elementary school in Connecticut has installed a new closed circuit cooling tower.

ABB takes a look at the prefabrication construction model used at the University of Queensland's Andrew N. Liveris Building.

BITZER has future-proofed production facilities at meat processing company, Sutter GmbH.

With a heating capacity of 10MW each, four ammonia heat pumps were installed next to a sewage treatment plant and waste incinerator to provide heating in Sweden.

Roca Group CEO, Albert Magrans, said the company is implementing a global decarbonisation strategy.

Three of the venues for next year’s Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games have selected R449A.

Whole Foods Market will retrofit its commercial refrigeration systems at more than 100 stores with R-448A.

The model is especially eco-friendly, partly because it utilises the natural refrigerant CO2 and partly because it provides cold and heat simultaneously.

Schneider Electric’s brief is to improve the 40,000-square-metre development’s operational and energy efficiencies.

The restaurant in Melton South, Melbourne will be powered entirely by renewable energy.

The heat pump system consists of a combined evaporator/separator, three compressors and four heat exchangers in the heating circuit.

Installed by AtmosAir, this new technology helps improve indoor air quality at a time when hygiene is on everybody’s mind.

The cellar is home to a large refrigeration system which provides cooling for 10 different cold stores and freezer rooms.

Contractors had to complete the AHU upgrade while ensuring the temperature in the shopping centre remained constant.

The Condair JetSpray system was selected and installed at the manufacturing plant in Kempsey, New South Wales.