There has been a chorus of calls from industry groups across the globe seeking formal recognition of indoor air pollution as a risk to human health.

The most significant revision in more than a decade to energy efficiency standards for residential buildings was released last week.

DELTRI+ filters for air handling units contain an advanced plasma technology capable of neutralising or destroying 99% of all viruses, including SARS-CoV-2.

A new mining sector education campaign by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) will promote the benefits of regular preventative maintenance and gas leak detention of mobile air conditioning systems in mine vehicles.

Welding is not dirty work carried out in a dark workshop, today it is about using robots and co-bots, and implementing Industry 4.0 concepts.

Investment in Australian renewable energy projects by oil and gas majors has grown seven fold in three years, according to PwC.

More than 100 contractors have participated in a research project to get factual data on charge sizes, leakage rates and refrigerant loss during the recovery process in split systems at end of life.

Danfoss has officially finalised its $US3.3 billion acquisition of Eaton’s hydraulics business.

Check out all the highlights from the August edition of CCN Magazine including an Indoor Air Quality feature and meet our Top 20 apprentices under 25 years of age.

Industrial designer Kevin Chiam has created a 3D-printed wearable air purifier that is deigned to remove air pollution from around the user using a water vapour.

A new HVAC company founded by thermal scientists, engineers and talent from juggernauts like Tesla and Nest has given the humble home air conditioner a radical makeover.

The race to provide healthy buildings and ensure occupant well-being has led to the introduction of disinfecting robots.

High school students in Sydney’s west get a hands-on introduction to the refrigeration and air conditioning trade.

Strategies to improve the delivery of refrigerated product in the cold chain will be covered at this year's CCN Live conference in Melbourne on Friday, 5 November, 2021.

Airmaster has entered into an agreement to acquire fire protection services company Celsius Fire and its Queensland operations, Fire2U.

More greenhouse gases were produced in 2018 than any previous year, despite more than 20 countries reducing their carbon emissions since 2000.