We are finally heading to ARBS 2022. It has been a long journey and it wasn’t easy for anyone to finally get here.

Tunley Engineering carbon reduction engineer, Aaron Yeardley, explains how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the secret sauce for so many industries to reach net zero.

The Chemours Company’s marketing manager for thermal and specialized solutions (North America), Brandon Marshall, shares his insights on the future of refrigerants and the cold chain.

Intellectual Property (IP) law specialists pose the question: Do we award a patent to a machine?

Global CO2 emissions reached an all-time high in 2021 and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. threatens to derail efforts to tackle climate change.

CCN editor, Sandra Rossi, explains why the awards program was due for a makeover and why the program should reflect our aspirations as an industry.

Companies need to seriously question the value of carbon credits, according to Skipp Williamson, managing director of global consulting firm, Partners in Performance.

Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business, Stuart Robert, explains why it is time to review the length of trade apprenticeships.

University of Adelaide scientist, Professor Mark Hutchinson, explains why Australia’s future is dependent on the creation of more ‘bench to boardroom’ scientists.

In a post-COVID world flexibility is everything, which is why the hybrid workplace model is becoming the norm.

Australia’s transition to a new energy future will not be a smooth one without a massive shift in operational and market management.

X2M Connect Limited CEO, Mohan Jesudason, explains the important role of the Internet of Things (IoT), energy monitoring and automation in achieving net zero.

The pandemic is finally easing and in no time at all we will be attending trade shows and conferences. The ARBS Exhibition is only six months away.

Chris Kerr, VP of home & distribution at Clipsal by Schneider, explains why the average ‘smart home’ in Australia just isn’t that clever.

Welcome to 2022 and another challenging year ahead as we learn to live with this endless pandemic.

ENGIE Impact senior director, Joshua Martin, raises concerns about Australia’s commitment to net zero and examines whether companies are engaging in greenwashing.