We know the government wants a strong workforce and has taken steps to identify the industries where shortages are the most acute. Surprise, surprise we make the top 10 every single time.

Increasing the charge limit for hydrocarbons is good news but there is still a long way to go, as there are many who believe the increase was too small.

One very basic distinction when discussing harmonics is whether the harmonics in question are voltage harmonics or current harmonics.

For policymakers, employers, parents and their children these facts, figures, forecasts and trends should be as equally alarming as our energy usage and carbon emissions.

Millennials do not care about ownership as much as experience and convenience. Sharing economy companies like Uber and Airbnb have taken advantage of this change in mindset.

For suppliers and distributors, it means finding efficiencies in all areas of the supply chain, including distribution, which can be a significant cost in Australia.

The good news about an economic downturn is it forces the innovative leaders amongst us to think and come up with new systems and products, this is the time when the disrupters breakthrough the noise and change the market for the better.

I do not know of another industry that has so many trade groups and representative bodies – all with their own specific point of view – so reaching a consensus can be a challenge.

Incorrect setup negatively impacts commissioning times, leads to higher running costs and results in ongoing building control issues which can be difficult to rectify once the building has been handed over.

At the same time, we are streamlining the process for employers to work out what support they are eligible for when engaging a new apprentice.

Workplace training can be a tough gig, its always a challenge trying to keep everyone interested. Let's be honest it's hard to be inspired when the biggest mental challenge of the day is staying awake.

Yet with all this potential, AI is still in its infancy. Companies are struggling with AI and that's because too many people are focused on just the intelligent AI algorithms.

A review of the HFC phasedown is scheduled for 2022 to confirm everything is on track and to make adjustments if they are required.

Just a few weeks ago the future looked bleak with funding for TAFE non-existent compared to the extravagant announcements made in recent weeks (from both sides of politics). For TAFE its like entering a new age of opulence.

Locally, bankrupt airline Ansett Australia formally ceased operations and Media Puzzle won the Melbourne Cup.