Designed for low environmental impact

In a world where global warming is driving ever increasing demands on air-conditioning, long-term sustainability and efficiency have become key elements of new equipment design.

In response, Temperzone has designed the Econex OPA, an innovative range of variable capacity R32 inverter rooftop packaged systems. These systems are designed to have exceptional seasonal energy efficiency through the implementation of leading system software and componentry.

Temperzone’s innovative Econex inverter R32 rooftop package units have been designed to assist organisations in their carbon reduction efforts.

The combination of R32 refrigerant and lower refrigerant charge enables this range to achieve reductions in refrigerant related GWP (Global Warming Potential) of between 71-79% per kW of cooling or heating, when compared to current R410A models.

Increased energy efficiency and effective load matching are key design aspects of the Econex OPA range. As standard, all unit’s feature EC plug fans and EC condenser fans, dual electronic expansion valves and inverter compressors.