Tokyo-based Azbil Corporation has started sales outside of Japan of the company’s ceiling-mounted temperature sensor (round type), an indoor temperature sensor for use with office building HVAC systems.

In recent years, office buildings have fewer pillars and walls, necessitating temperature sensors to be installed into ceilings.

Because Azbil’s ceiling-mounted temperature sensor is a mere 40 mm in diameter and 5 mm thick with a colour scheme allowing it to blend in with a room’s surroundings, it does not detract from the room’s aesthetic.

Installation has been simplified through the use of springs to snap the sensor into place, making screws unnecessary. Improvements to the internal construction have led to a faster response time and increased accuracy, enabling the sensor to contribute to maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

Ever since the product was launched in Japan in July 2018, over 20,000 units have been installed in office buildings and other structures, and the sensor has received a favourable reception due to its unobtrusive design, ease of installation, and high accuracy.

Azbil’s overseas launch of the sensor is centred on office buildings and other structures.

Tthe sensor complies with various international safety and environmental directives, such as those required by CE marking1, REACH2, and China RoHS3.

Azbil Corporation, formerly known as Yamatake Corporation, is a leading company in building and industrial automation and employs 9,600 people worldwide.


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