• Trane upgrades
    Trane upgrades

Trane Technologies is building on its commitment to deliver greater energy efficiency with Air-Fi wireless sensors for Trane / Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI VRF.

This is in addition to updates to the IntelliPak 1 HVAC rooftop unit.

The enhancements provide building owners with equipment, data, and controls to help stay ahead of efficiency standards, meet their decarbonization goals, and make retrofits easier and more cost-effective.

Trane Product Management vice president, Manlio Valdes, said changes to the environment, regulations, and incentives will have an increasing impact on business and building operations.

“By strengthening Trane’s best-in-class portfolio with greater intelligence, increased efficiency, and flexible control, building owners, contractors, and engineers can advance their strategies and designs to support decarbonization,” Valdes said. 

“Combining our expertise helps to deliver more advanced controls options to enable customers to optimize comfort, reliability and energy use throughout any commercial space.”

Building owners using Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems can now benefit from wireless sensing technology that enables enhanced, individualized comfort. Air-Fi Wireless Sensors, which integrate with Tracer  SC+ or Tracer Concierge, are now compatible with Trane / Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems.

Air-Fi Wireless Sensors uniquely detect and monitor temperature, humidity, occupancy, and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from a single device.

The IntelliPak 1 has been upgraded to meet the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) 2023 minimum efficiency requirements and now comes equipped standard with the Trane Symbio 800 controller.

The IntelliPak 1 delivers an industry-leading part-load efficiency rating of up to 18.5 IEER (Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio), depending on the system configuration, and meets ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2019.

It provides three tiers of efficiency for most tonnages to meet specific application and regulatory needs: standard efficiency, high efficiency, and eFlex  ultra-high efficiency, Trane’s highest-efficiency unit.

Available in capacities ranging from 20-130 tonnes, the IntelliPak 1 offers durability, low operating costs, easy customization, fast installation, and great value. The dimensions of the new units match the legacy footprint to accommodate easy upgrades.

With the Symbio 800 connected controller, owners can monitor and service their buildings remotely, troubleshoot issues, and take advantage of Trane’s energy management tools and intelligent services.

The controller easily integrates with all standard building communication protocols and offers easy building connectivity. The Adaptive Controls  algorithm in the Symbio 800 software helps keep IntelliPak 1 units running even during the most challenging conditions.


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