• Cladding Taskforce chair, Ted Baillieu
    Cladding Taskforce chair, Ted Baillieu

With airborne transmission now widely acknowledged as the primary source of COVID-19 transmission, the building services industry has a vital role to play in supporting a safe workplace and the right indoor settings.

In fact, poorly ventilated buildings have been identified as a key risk factor to outbreaks in hotel quarantine, aged care, schools, hospitals, and numerous workplaces and public venues.

To address both the technical and human challenges surrounding the current pandemic, a two day summit will be held at the Grand Hyatt, Melbourne from 24-25 February, 2022.

The Building Ventilation Summit brings together experts from across the sector and beyond to discuss the latest approaches being adopted by industry and the likely medium-and long-term reform implications.

Sessions will cover indoor air quality and ventilation and establish realistic expectations about what can be achieved depending on the building type, design, usage, services and age.

Announcing details of the summit the Air Conditioning Mechanical Contractors Association (AMCA) said many practitioners involved in the delivery of safe indoor environments remain unclear about their roles and responsibilities.

“With speakers drawn from across the building industry, as well as some of Australia’s leading researchers, health experts, and reform advocates, the Building Ventilation Summit will provide attendees with unrivalled insight into the latest measures being taken by industry, government, regulators, and standards bodies, while adding much needed weight to the long-overdue public discourse around the importance of indoor air quality for health outcomes,” AMCA said.

Speakers include Melbourne City Council architect, Rob Adams and former premier and chair of the Cladding Taskforce, Ted Baillieu.

HVAC systems and technical standards will be covered by engineering consultant, Brett Fairweather while Arina principal, Geoff Hammer, will talk about ventilation systems and architectural design.

More speakers will be announced in coming weeks.

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