• Aire from Panasonic
    Aire from Panasonic

Panasonic has released an air purification solution – the Air-e Ceiling Mounted nanoe X Generator (FV-15CSD1).

The compact and hidden device will create a cleaner, more comfortable environment for Australians as they return to indoor public spaces.

The solution features Panasonic’s unique air purification technology- nanoeTMX.

As Australians return to indoor public spaces such as offices, restaurants, aged care facilities, schools, hotels, and gymnasiums, it is imperative that they are greeted with clean and comfortable environments especially in regard to indoor air quality.

Daily activities in indoor public spaces often generate various odours, which can impact comfort levels.

The pollutants that exist indoors and which infiltrate from outside also have an effect on indoor air quality. Bacteria, viruses, mould, pollen, allergens and smoke all have the potential to harm the average person – who is estimated to breathe 18kg of air every day.

Despite its compact size, the Air-e does not compromise on performance or air purification capability. By using OH radicals encapsulated in water to neutralise micro-organisms, Panasonic’s revolutionary nanoe X technology ensures people will be breathing ‘true’ fresh air as nature intended.

The 24-hour purification acts to neutralise harmful indoor pollutants, creating a fresher and healthier living environment – a timely technology for those living where restrictions are easing.

Panasonic Australia product marketing manager for air conditioning, Jack Tey, said the Air-e Ceiling Mounted nanoe X Generator is the perfect device for business operators and consumers who desire a discreet and compact air purification solution that improves indoor health, comfort and overall wellness.

He said it suits the  interior design of modern commercial buildings and homes.

Moreover, Panasonic’s nanoe X technology is approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program.

It has low power consumption and is whisper quiet at 27dB(A).

It is also easy to install and has a built-in cord and 3-pin plug.

The Air-e is available through Panasonic Air Conditioning distributors from RRP $538 not including installation and has a three years labour and parts warranty.

For further information, please visit aircon.panasonic.com.au.


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