• AIRSTAGE installation
    AIRSTAGE installation

Launched in Australia in 2002, the Fujitsu General AIRSTAGE Series continues to provide commercial projects with complete air conditioning solutions that deliver design and installation flexibility, optimal comfort, high energy efficiency and consistent reliability.

Continually evolving to meet market requirements, the AIRSTAGE product line up now includes a comprehensive range of air cooled, water cooled and condenser-less liquid Chillers, as well as, Roof Top Package units, and Air Handling Units for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Offering simple aesthetics and design flexibility, the AIRSTAGE range provides the latest technology and product solutions to meet the needs of Australia’s weather extremes.

High performing, reliable Danfoss componentry is also key to the AIRSTAGE product line up. 

The AIRSTAGE chillers range in capacity from 4kW to 4100kW and are available in a variety of compressor options, including turbocor magnetic bearing, scroll, screw and rotary compressors.

All are available with options such as inverters and variable speed drives (VSD) to ensure great performance. Many of the compressor types also have the option to utilise low or ultra-low Global Warming Potential  (GWP) refrigerants.

The Aqua air cooled liquid chiller range features scroll compressors and axial fans, using a stainless steel plate type heat exchanger for the evaporator.

Options include a built-in hydronic kit and variable speed pumps, minimising the need for smaller inertia tanks. This range is also available in a heat pump option and can employ inverter or digital scroll technology.

A Heat Recovery type air cooled chiller is also part of the range. With capacity up to 1130 kW, and a dedicated 4-pipe system, it is ideal for buildings where there is the need for simultaneous heating, cooling, or domestic hot water production, such as hotels and multi-purpose buildings with commercial and residential tenants.

The Fujitsu General AIRSTAGE applied range of products is manufactured in Italy and Malaysia.

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