• Portable nanoe X Generator
    Portable nanoe X Generator

Panasonic launched its local clean air initiative yesterday, turning to its innovative nanoe X technology and a partnership with flex space provider Hub Australia to champion the topic of indoor air quality and facilitate a new way for workers to return to the office.

Panasonic is leveraging its revolutionary nanoe  X technology that inhibits indoor pollutants and odours in the air and on surfaces through the release of nano-sized, atomised water particles, and features across the air-conditioning range.

The company has introduced the Portable nanoe X Generator to the local market – combining the flagship technology with the convenience of using it at the desk in the office, or the taxi ride home.

To further mark the launch of its clean air initiative, Panasonic has commissioned local research which examines evolving attitudes, finding that 61 per cent of Australians believe air quality has a significant impact on their health.

Panasonic Australia managing director Paul Reid said the findings confirmed the recent imperative on indoor air quality. “

“Australians are concerned about the air they breathe and as the leader in air conditioning and air purification solutions through our nanoe X technology, we feel it incumbent on us to draw awareness to the growing importance of indoor air quality in private and public settings,” Reid said.

“nanoe™ X is a technology that we are incredibly proud of – and it hasn’t come about overnight. Backed by 25 years of dedicated research and development, the latest generation of nanoe  X is proven by more than 140 independent laboratory tests across a range of use cases.

“As we introduce the portable nanoe  X Generator to the nanoe X family, we’re harnessing the technology that underpins our air-conditioning range to ensure fresh air travels with you wherever you go, from the office, to the car, through to hotels and cafes.”

To this end, Panasonic has partnered with leading premium flex space provider, Hub Australia, which has a national network of spaces, to drive awareness of the importance of air quality in the workplace, especially as businesses move toward a mobilised and hybrid working model, where ensuring fresh, clean air is essential.

Hub Australia CEO, Brad Krauskopf said the partnership gives Hub’s customers the peace of mind that as their teams return to the office, Hub has distributed several hundred Portable nanoe X Generators as an additional measure to ensure optimal air quality in and around personal workspaces.

“We’re proud to partner with Panasonic to bring the benefits of superior air quality to our customers, their staff and guests,” Krauskopf said.

“The research tells us that 57 per cent of Australians are concerned about air quality in the workplace, and are aware that improved air quality can assist with mental alertness and productivity.

“At Hub, we’re strongly committed to creating safe and hygienic shared workspaces that promote overall health and wellbeing.”

Panasonic Austalia’s senior product marketing manager for air conditioning, Joe De Bella, said that the Panasonic-commissioned research reflected an informed population with a shared experience over the past two years.

“The research shows that around one in three Australians aged 20+ are now more concerned about air quality compared to 18 months ago,” De Bella said.

“It’s positive that we as a population are taking notice of the harmful pollutants we breathe each day and it is something that will continue to be front of mind as we battle variants of COVID-19, annual flu seasons, pollution, and the close-to-home threat of bushfires.”

De Bella said that the research reflected the demand for air cleanliness, with one in three Australians considering purchasing air purifiers in the future

He said around one in two Australians consider air cleanliness / purification to be a very important factor, while one in four rank it most important when thinking about purchasing a new air conditioner.”

“Panasonic’s range of air conditioning solutions are built for the Australian climate, with air-conditioning to control the temperature and humidity, as well as nanoe X technology in select products to improve the air quality,” he said.

“The line-up includes ducted and spilt system air conditioners, the Air-e generator and air purifiers. With the addition of the Portable nanoe  X Generator to the nanoe  X family, fresh, clean air is now available on the go in a range of settings.”

The Panasonic Portable nanoe  X Generator is available now at RRP $299. For more information visit https://www.panasonic.com/au/nanoe

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