Dawn is Haier’s new Hi-Wall Split System air conditioner and it’s about to make you love every room in your house, regardless of what the conditions are outside.

If you’ve ever wanted to tell Mother Nature to turn the heat down or up, Dawn is what you need. Packed with innovative technology and smart features, it operates at a high level of energy efficiency.   

Wherever you are in Australia, the Dawn air conditioner will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Due to the nation’s diverse climate, Dawn has been lab tested here to make sure it can handle anything Australia throws at it.

From the searing heat of the desert, to the humidity of the tropics, to the chill of Tasmania, Dawn will help create an environment you’ll love to be in.  

Haier is the world leader in connected air conditioners, so Wi-Fi connectivity is built into Dawn as a standard feature.

Voice control your air conditioner using Google Home, contact Dawn on your commute home and set the temperature so your house is comfortable when you get in.  

Haier’s revolutionary patented self-clean technology freezes the indoor heat exchanger, trapping pollen and dust. It then defrosts, washing away the trapped contaminants and leaving your air conditioner to deliver clean, healthy air.   

Dawn is equipped with a smart movement and light sensor that senses motion over a large area and precisely locates any humans in the room. If there’s no-one in the room, Dawn goes into sleep mode to conserve energy. 


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