• New range from LG Electronics Australia.
    New range from LG Electronics Australia.

LG Electronics Australia has announced the local availability of its latest range of 1:1 ducted system and ceiling mounted cassette system designed for residential dwellings and commercial buildings.

The range has been designed to deliver convenient and reliable heating and cooling solutions with the latest technology and user-centric features.

Accommodating a range of user preferences, the new LG Single Split System solutions offer an unobtrusive ducted option for spaces that prefer a streamlined look and a space efficient ceiling mounted cassette option that offers four-way airflow.

Equipped with the latest technologies that deliver reliable air distribution, the company’s latest Single Split System solutions feature a R1 Compressor with a patented hybrid scroll shape and Twin Rotary Inverter Compressor.

The R1 Compressor works to reduce up to 4dB of noise and vibration, helping to minimise disruptions in both residential and commercial environments.

User-centric convenience

Suitable for commercial and residential spaces, the latest LG Single Split System air solutions include a corrosion resistant black fin on the outdoor unit has been designed to extend the product lifespan by reducing the likelihood of costly repairs.

For convenience, all new LG Single Split System models are compatible with the LG ThinQapp, which allows users to access insights about the air conditioner anytime and anywhere via the mobile app on a smart device (with Internet connectivity).

In addition, users can remotely turn the unit on and off, select various modes, and set temperatures and fan speeds. Offering greater flexibility for residents and building managers to adjust the temperature and receive useful information, this smart feature informs energy saving decisions, air quality and troubleshooting.

The ultimate in convenience and comfort.
The ultimate in convenience and comfort.

When repairs are necessary, users can download the Mobile LG Monitoring View app which allows engineers to inspect and monitor the unit to take required action without delay.

When it comes to installation, the in-built drain pump and short depth of the low-static & mid-static pressure models work together to offer greater flexibility for narrow spaces or limited ceiling space.

Meanwhile, achieving a maximum length of 85 metres in total pipe length and an elevation length up to 30 metres, the latest models also accommodate for larger, taller buildings.

Ceiling concealed duct

The LG Single Split System Ceiling Concealed Duct offers a range of features to deliver reliable cooling and heating solutions in multiple rooms throughout the building.

Responding to customer demand for improved air quality, the UVnano filter box is an optional accessory for the mid static UMN models.

The sterilising LG UVnanoultraviolet light reduces viruses and bacteria up to 99.99 per cent.3

The optional controller accessory for ducted models goes beyond traditional temperature sensing, featuring the Dual Sensing Control to provide optimal air and comfort during both wet and dry summer conditions.

The system senses high or low humidity levels and adjusts its operating ratio to reduce or increase humidity, creating a more comfortable indoor environment.

The LG Single Split System Ceiling Concealed Duct models are available in high, mid and low static varieties. The LG high and mid static ducted unit is also equipped with Auto External Static Pressure and Zone Control (on/off) to control airflow in each zone, ideal for environments where different temperatures are required.

Ceiling mounted cassette

The LG Single Split System Ceiling Mounted Cassette offers efficient operation for heating and cooling, and convenient installation in a range of spaces.

Equipped with detachable corners, the unit has been thoughtfully designed to be adjustable during installation, allowing for leakage checks. Featuring a wide inlet design, 3D Turbo fan, and an integrated heat exchanger, the unit can heat or cool a room faster by decreasing air resistance and increasing cooling and heating efficiency.

The LG Single Split System Ceiling Mounted Cassette is embedded with the Dual Sensing Control to adjust humidity levels as needed and save on energy depending on dry or wet summer conditions.

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