• Park MGM, Las Vegas
    Park MGM, Las Vegas

A new study found significant differences in indoor air quality among 28 hotels on the Las Vegas strip, with the worst air quality hotel 80 times more polluted than the best.

The study was conducted by Wynd Technologies,  a maker of AI-powered indoor air monitoring and purification technologies.

Wynd’s study found that the Aria Resort, Park MGM and Wynn Las Vegas are the top three hotels in terms of cleanest air. Their average air quality is just as good as, if not better than, outside air on a non-polluted day.

Meanwhile, the worst air quality hotel has a concentration of ~300 micrograms / cubic meter of PM2.5 (worse than the average air quality day in Beijing or New Delhi), which is more than 80 times worse than the best hotel.

Wynd CEO, Raymond Wu, said air is invisible, and the subtleties of air quality between different spaces or buildings can be hard to discern with human senses, and difficult to keep track or to compare.

Wynd’s proprietary sensors measured a wide range of indoor pollutants, with a focus on PM2.5 or Particulate Matter.

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