Italian chiller manufacturer, Geoclima, has established a subsidiary in the United Kingdom.

In a statement, the company said Geoclima HVAC UK will distribute all the brands under the Geoclima Group including ClimaTech, Hecoclima, CROM and COM40.

Geoclima HVAC UK represents our direct entry into the British HVAC market, with cutting edge innovation created in Italy,” the statement said.

Geoclima provides customised products for specific project requirements and all of its solutions are designed for high efficiency and low environmental impact.

This is in addition to  AHRI certification.

“We will be able to support our UK clients in-country for a wide range of applications including hospitals and mission critical environments,” the statement said.

process, comfort and mission critical cooling, data centres, hospitals etc.

At the head of Geoclima HVAC UK will be Rob Young and Fabian Lant.

Together they have more than 20 years experience working with the Geoclima product range.

Geoclima also has a presence here in Australia.

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