Temperzone is winning accolades around the globe for its OPA2100 ECO ULTRA air cooled rooftop package unit.

The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) in the UK has awarded Temperzone Highly Commended for product innovation at the 2020 Building Performance Awards.

The unit was recognised for features that has set it apart from other products. For example, the unit is specifically designed to target dew point temperature utilising EC technology.

Air Conditioning has traditionally been based solely on temperature but the Eco Ultra focuses on moisture content in the air leading to precise cooling applications.

Locally, the product is a finalist in the product excellence category of the 2020 ARBS Awards.

The unit is equipped with 4 refrigeration systems two of which contain a hot gas reheat coil. BLDC inverter driven compressors and EC permanent magnet fans are standard features. An Onboard unit controller communicates over modbus protocol to all the major components.

The control offers a unique approach based on an intuitive algorithm that adjusts compressor speeds as the room load changes.

This approach plays perfectly to part load efficiencies by drastically reducing the energy demand on the building and improving comfort conditions due to curbing out extreme high and low temperature fluctuations when a unit is running to meet the target setpoint.

In addition, the controller has pre-selected optimisation modes that are designed to suit different climates and applications. By tailoring the control strategy based on the climate and application, the unit can adjust and perform at its desired optimum.

In addition the unit is availble in R32, the first 200kW unit with this option to provide lower GWP solutions to our customers.

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