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    TECO comfort

TECO take great pride in celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2021.

Their dedication has shaped a reputation for engineering proficiency. Whether its electric motors, air conditioning or home appliances. TECO is a trusted pillar in many segments of the industry.

As Australia prepares for life post pandemic, TECO recognise that air purification in air conditioning is now very high on consumer’s minds along with energy efficiency.

Working from home has increased demand for more connected home products using Wi-Fi. TECO’s RAC range of window/wall units and portables include a Silver ION filtration system as standard for air purification and also Wi-Fi control. 

TECO helped to pioneer RAC in Australia. The non-inverter vertical skinny window unit of the past was very popular some 20 years ago but disappeared as they could not meet the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) regulations of the day.

Its back! The new and improved TECO vertical skinny meets the latest MEPS. It is ideal for consumers who rent, move around or want an inverter product they can fit themselves and doesn’t extend out of their sliding window.

The new Vertical Skinny Window units are now inverter driven and are available in 2.6kW cool only and 2.6kW reverse cycle models.

The units have a very modern design along with user friendly features such as remote control and UV sterilization lighting.  The units can even sense the room temperature from where the remote control is located rather than at the unit.  The units can be shifted easily from one room to another using the easily installed window kit supplied with the unit.

TECO was one of the first to release its high efficiency, Platinum 3D inverter wall splits after the 1April 2020 MEPS determination.

The 2.6kW Reverse Platinum is 9-star cooling in hot zones, 6.5 star in average zones and 7 star in cool zones.  Customers can compare running costs on these units against any other model they are considering at the Greenhouse & Energy Minimum Standards Regulator web site at: https://reg.energyrating.gov.au/comparator/product_types

TECO’s split air conditioners all have high density filtration systems, and the hero platinum series splits also come with extra PM 2.5 Filtration which is a high voltage statically charged filtration system that absorbs dust and airborne particles less than 2.5 micrometres in size.   Particles of this size are found in smoke from fires, wood heaters, car and truck exhausts as well as some industry exhausts.  These particles are capable of penetrating the lower airways of humans and can cause possible negative health effects. 

TECO’s precision made Platinum 3D is luxe with a contemporary design.  Loaded with benefits like Gold Fin protection on the indoor and outdoor unit as well as excellent noise levels, and built in Wi-Fi control, bringing climate control to your device that is compatible for voice recognition with Google or Alexa.

The units also have an “I Feel” function to allow the room temperature to be sensed from the remote control, three directional air delivery to the room and all units have a Self-Clean/ Sterilisation Function which is a must have these days.

TECO  is committed to its customers across all areas of Australia, with the Platinum 3D range available in Cool Only models in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia. 

Visit: www.teco.com.au



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