CCN takes a closer look at the new RadiPac series from ebm-papst which is available in two versions.

Ventilation and air conditioning fans are constantly being developed, as user demand for more control options and energy efficiency in particular are increasing rapidly.

Legal requirements, increasing awareness of environmental issues and the potential for savings in operating costs also contribute to this.

With the new RadiPac series, ebm-papst has succeeded in significantly improving the existing centrifugal fans yet again.

The latest generation of RadiPac fans operates at considerably higher efficiency levels. Moreover, higher speeds ensure greater air flow and higher pressures, enabling even high-pressure applications to be covered.

The impeller, developed according to the latest aerodynamic findings, means that flow losses are drastically reduced and noise generation is decreased further.

Depending on the operating point, this is between 3 and 7 dB(A) lower than those of the previous series. A high-strength, glass-fibre reinforced composite material was used, enabling a complex shape and ensuring the impeller's stability.

The EC motors integrated into the fans in the power range from 500 W to 8 kW achieve efficiency levels in accordance with the requirements for efficiency class IE5 set in IEC/TS 60034-30-2.

The new 8 kW drive sets high standards in terms of its high-performance electronics and more compact dimensions. It has been expanded to include a configurable interface, including a MODBUS RTU interface and an integrated resonance sensor. This resonance sensor measures oscillations and vibrations and reports disturbances before the fan is damaged - truly in the spirit of GreenIntelligence.

In order to suit different installation situations, the new RadiPacs are available in a standard and short version. Both versions are available as a motor-impeller combination or as a ready-to-install plug & play solution in a sturdy support bracket for easy wall mounting.

As an option, there is a completely enclosed FlowGrid air inlet grille that reduces noise-generating turbulence in the inflow and also functions as a guard grill.

Retrofitting is generally possible in the application without any modifications to the design, as the new fans are geometrically smaller despite higher power in the same design size.

Sizes 310 to 630 with air performance of up to 20,000 m³/h and a static pressure increase of well over 2,000 Pa will be available from October 2021.

Sampling is possible on request now.

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