• MPA CEO, Nathaniel Smith.
    MPA CEO, Nathaniel Smith.

The Master Plumbers Association (MPA) of NSW is sounding a clarion call for immediate action to address a concerning trend in the allocation of government grants for heat pumps.

Shockingly, both the NSW government and federal government have allowed grants to be claimed for inferior models, creating a precarious situation that echoes past pitfalls, according to MPA CEO, Nathaniel Smith.

“These inferior overseas models, heavily promoted through social media platforms at suspiciously low prices under $100, have raised red flags,” he said.

“It has come to our attention that these inferior units are sourced in bulk from overseas by organisations that may exhibit phoenix-like characteristics, stirring memories of past debacles.”

Drawing parallels with historical issues, such as the infamous pink batts scheme, Smith called for a meticulous review, particularly as the winter season looms.

“The imported heat pumps are revealed to have a critical flaw in their condensers, lacking any warranty and posing a severe risk of failure in plummeting temperatures,” he said.

“To avert this impending crisis, MPA NSW urges a decisive shift towards promoting the installation of Australian-made or established brands, despite their higher cost.”

Smith said a review is a modest investment compared to the potential human and systemic costs if swift action is not taken.

“MPA NSW asserts that an immediate and comprehensive investigation into the governance and oversight of these grants is imperative to safeguard consumers and prevent a recurrence of past mistakes.

CCN is awaiting comment from both the NSW and federal governments.