Daikin Australia has introduced the generation IV Air Cooled VFD Screw TZ Chiller with new cutting-edge technology to deliver efficiency, flexibility and reliability across a wide range of capacities from 150kW to 1950kW.

There are three refrigerant models offered, including R1234ze (EWAH), R513A (EWAS) and R134A (EWAD) for customers to choose the best fit for their requirements.

The generation IV TZ Chiller is available in four efficiency tiers, with the Platinum version having the best performance, providing up to EER=3.7 and IPLV=7.4.

To accommodate different needs and preferences, three sound configurations are available and a hydronic free cooling model (EWF) is available to provide full flexibility to meet customer needs.

This latest iteration of Daikin’s TZ Chiller is a perfect solution for comfort applications, as well as low and high temperature processes and critical cooling applications, according to Daikin.

All these applications are made possible by its ability to operate in a wide range of outdoor ambient temperature operating conditions from -20°C up to +55°C. In addition, it is able to supply chilled fluid within the range from -12°C up to +30°C.

This highly efficient chiller not only ensures superior performance, but also leads to lower operating costs and resulting reduced indirect emissions.

By combining with the very low GWP of R1234ze refrigerant with a value of one (IPCCAR5) effectively minimises direct emissions, leading to improved Life Cycle Climate Performance results.

The latest single screw compressor designed and manufactured by Daikin has a new 3:10 geometry optimised for high rotational speed.

Each compressor is equipped with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and cooled directly by refrigerant. Daikin's VFD design allows it to operate continuously in the most extreme conditions and offers full independence from outdoor conditions, such as temperature, humidity, altitude, and pollution.

The condenser "V" angle is further optimised and combined with a newly innovative fan designed by Daikin to feature higher efficiency, larger airflow, and lower sound emission, optimising performance while reducing the overall footprint.

Chillers equipped with EC motor fan provide fan silent mode by allowing the user to set up detailed time bands to reduce fan rotation speed and sound power emission in areas where night quietness is mandatory, reducing sound emission by -7dBA to as low as 87dBA.

The TZ Chiller includes single or dual refrigerant circuits based on the model selection. Single circuit units comprise stainless steel brazed plate evaporators, while dual circuit units constitute shell and tube evaporators.

The evaporator in single-circuit units is covered with closed-cell insulation material, and an electric heater and Victaulic kit are provided as standard for water connection.

The shell and tube evaporator are single-pass on both refrigerant and water sides, allowing for pure counter-flow heat exchange, and low refrigerant pressure drops result in the unit's outstanding efficiency. Both direct expansion evaporators are designed to minimise the refrigerant content required in the system.

Introducing the new and unique Daikin Design Integrated Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) option, based on the same technology as refrigerant-cooled VFD, designed to reduce the Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) from approximately 35 per cent to less than five per cent.

The AHF is installed in the electrical panel and does not require an external connection or additional maintenance.

Daikin also offers an array of options to meet diverse and demanding needs, including heat recovery, brine fluid, centrifugal pump for hydronic kits, inverter kit for a centrifugal pump, high evaporator leaving temperature, high ambient kit, various coil coating options, BMS communication protocols, including BACnet and Modbus compatibility, rapid restart, additional external static pressure, etc.