Mitsubishi Electric has announced the launch of a new floor console that is proven to heat rooms twice as fast as previous models — and it delivers in style.

The MFZ-KW-VG is a sleek, slimline, floor standing air conditioner with RapidHeat Technology.

In short, the contemporary designed console delivers low-temperature heating performance at speed, thanks to RapidHeat Advanced Sensors with Intuitive Control Logic Technology. The heat technology automatically activates at start-up in low-temperature room conditions, blowing warm air downward before returning into the unit where it reheats the air for a second time.

This process slashes the time required to heat a room. A Multi Vane Flow function blows warm air upward and downward using three uniquely shaped vanes that are designed for better airflow control and an even heat distribution around the room.

They can be customised to the user’s preference if required. This is also a very quiet operating unit testing at just 18 dBA on heating for the 25 & 35 models.

The MF-KW-VG console’s overall functionality makes it an efficient replacement for older homes, schools or offices with outdated gas heating systems or models that are no longer performing to their maximum output.

The console air conditioning type is also a popular choice for installations where wall space is minimal such as rooms with lots of glass.

The refrigeration piping and electrical connections can be passed through the floor rather than through walls, making it ideal for installation in heritage-listed properties.

National product manager at Mitsubishi Electric Australia, Atesh Mani, said the model’s optimum performance doesn’t mean that it lacks in style.

“This console is designed for a more discreet installation. The base of the unit is removable so it can be installed in a wall recess, Mani said.

“This type of installation dramatically reduces the depth of the indoor unit from 215 mm to 145 mm, a saving of 33 per cent, which can make a real difference for homeowners looking to explore more contemporary design aesthetic for heating.”

Mani said the MFZ-KW-VG floor console air conditioner is an ideal choice for an unobtrusive heating option for new buildings, renovation projects and fireplace replacements.

He said this new model is part of the expanding line-up of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners using R32, the low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant, with just one-third of the GWP of the previously used R410A refrigerant.



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