Hitachi is set to make a series of product announcement in the lead up to the ARBS Exhibition in May, 2018.

In an exclusive interview with CCN, Temperzone brand manager, Damien Walsh, revealed a product roadmap that includes
transitioning from the company's current high wall split range to two separate high wall split ranges.  These are the “E” and “S” series of the Hitachi R32 product.

"This will allow us to meet more of our customer's needs," he said. The “S” series features a programmable motion sensor, nano titanium filter, auto restart after power failure, higher AEER, and an advanced remote controller with a weekly timer function and leave home functions.

Both the “E” and the “S” series can be controlled with an optional wall controller and with the new Hi-Kumo Wi-Fi application, which is also due to be released this year.

The Hitachi app has a setup process that prompts the user with questions such as “do you feel cold?” or “are you home on the weekends?” and then automatically preconfigures some of the temperature and timer settings.

"We have an extensive range of new products being released in 2018 and we are also focusing on marketing and support tools like the development of new mobile applications for both our residential and commercial customers," Walsh said.

"New product releases include a completely new VRF range, a new R32 high wall split range, new R32 mini cassette and ducted units, a completely revised modular chiller range and new inverter ducted systems.

"On top of this there are a range of new controls for virtually all the equipment." Each range has an impressive list of new features to really set the Hitachi brand apart from the rest of the market.

"The Hitachi Air Conditioning Brand has the twin benefits of an exceptional product offering that is fully integrated into the Temperzone business system in both Australia and New Zealand," Walsh explained.

"Dealing with Temperzone means you have product, sales and end to end support all under one roof.

"Temperzone has over 60 years of HVAC industry experience and teams that have great commercial depth. We own and operate our own warehousing, which allows for greater stocking and delivery flexibility."

It has been almost 10 years since Temperzone became the sole distributor of Hitachi Air Conditioning products in Australia and New Zealand. Prior to Temperzone taking over distribution, Hitachi Air Conditioning had been in the Australian market for about 25 years.

2018 is set to be a huge year for Hitachi with full details revealed in a special report to be published in the April edition of CCN Magazine which is available later this month.

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