• Stratton Bar & Kitchen (Pic: LG)
    Stratton Bar & Kitchen (Pic: LG)

LG Electronics Australia Business Solutions has helped transform an 80 year old venue to accommodate a Brisbane restaurant called Stratton Bar & Kitchen.  

Founded by Mrs Brown’s Bar & Kitchen owners Ben and Tarryn Brown, the venue is situated inside two refurbished WWII-era aeroplane hangars in Newstead, Brisbane.

Due to the unique structure of the restaurant, there was a requirement for the owners to have an air solution that performed efficiently with the high ceiling, whilst maintaining the original look and feel of the historic building.

The LG Electronics MULTI V 5 HVAC air conditioning system was the ideal match for the venue, providing the ideal mix of functionality and style.  

The 920m venue retains its arched-roofed Quonset hut structures and features high ceilings, a 150-seat dining area, central bar area, function space and a covered courtyard.  

Its vaulted curved-steel ceiling and spacious footprint, shielded from the street by a brick façade, makes it one of the most unique venues in the hospitality market. 

The original site had an exposed metal rib truss and corrugated iron roof, with the previous fitout demolished to expose the raw historic structure of the building. There was no insulation for heat or sound reduction.  

The owners embarked on a search for a powerful solution that could effectively air condition and soundproof a unique site with high ceilings, without taking away from the aesthetic. 

“The challenges we faced were converting essentially a shed with no thermal properties and no acoustic properties into a hospitality venue that would be around for years to come,” the restaurant owner, Ben Brown. Explained.

“Given the unique nature of the space, it was very important to us that the air conditioning units were both functional and aesthetically pleasing.” 

Stratton Bar & Kitchen engaged with a consultant engineer at Integrate Group to design the capacity of the air conditioning system. The challenge was to ensure fresh air circulation in the building would comply with the ventilation standards set out by the Building Code of Australia. 

Integrate Group found that 180kW of air conditioning would be needed to keep the venue cool and comfortable for staff and customers.

There were 10 ceiling-mounted cassettes required in the restaurant area, one ducted unit in the kitchen and a final ceiling cassette in the upstairs office. 

"The LG MULTI V 5 system was chosen for the Stratton Bar & Kitchen project based on aesthetics, price and ease of installation.

Integrated Group managing director Jerome Higgins, said the system's large capacity outdoor units allowed them to minimise the space and lighten the total load needed for installation.

“This helped us overcome one of the main design hurdles to keep the space neat and tidy," he said.

"The MULTI V 5 provided ultimate installation flexibility for its key components, which aided in our solution to build a mezzanine in the back to house the HVAC system, and not take away from the restaurant's aesthetics inside.

“We achieved this by opening up the back wall with mesh and installing ventilation through the roof." 

In addition, the integrated solution came with 10 14kW round cassettes, which were installed in the main dining and bar areas, as well one 28kW high static ducted system set up in the kitchen and easy to use controls for adjusting the air conditioning system settings.

The LG Round Cassette vents not only delivers a beautiful design, it also covers the large area of the space with flexible airflow. 

With LG MULTI V 5, Stratton Bar & Kitchen now has a custom-designed, energy-efficient air conditioning system that is easily controlled via the LG ThinQapp on a secure WiFi network.1 

The app connectivity provides convenience and allows staff to control fan speed, temperature, and mode remotely through a smart device. The app also allows staff to switch of individual cassets when not needed and the flexible airflow prevents diners being blasted with cold air while seated.  

For added comfort, the MULTI V 5 is also equipped with the innovative Dual Sensing Control, which helps the air conditioning unit evaluate climate conditions down to the smallest detail.

Unlike conventional air conditioners, which only track temperature, the LG MULTI V 5 system measures both temperature and humidity levels for outdoor and indoor environments.

The comprehensive understanding of multiple climate conditions helps the solution determine its parameters to achieve optimal energy efficiency and maximum indoor comfort levels. 

At LG, we are passionate about providing innovative technology that supports the ever-changing demands for businesses,” according to Brad Reed, head of B2B marketing (Solutions for Business) at LG Electronics Australia. 

“This project with Integrate and Stratton Bar & Kitchen is a great example of how our HVAC solutions enable a comfortable atmosphere for a variety of business settings, working unobtrusively in the background and adding to the aesthetic of the venue,” he said.

“The technology is what keeps offices, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and other indoor commercial settings cool in the summer and warm in the cool months.” 

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