Panasonic has launched its new 3 Pipe FSVEX Heat Recovery range, an incredibly efficient simultaneous cooling and heating solution.

The innovatively designed range is the market leader in energy efficiency, boasting an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 4.87 (cooling) and a coefficient of performance (COP) of 5.09 (heating).

With units ranging from 22.4kW to 135kW the range is appropriate for commercial environments such as hospitals, aged care facilities, retailers and schools.

With smart commercial buildings expected to increase in popularity across Australia, Panasonic has ensured that the new range can be controlled centrally (up to 256 indoor units) and has a smart cloud control option, as well as being compatible with existing Building Management Systems.

Panasonic Australia's product marketing manager for air conditioning, Jack Tey, said energy efficient solutions remain a strong focus for the industry, as more economical and sustainable office and living environments are built.

“Panasonic’s 3 Pipe FSVEX Heat Recovery range is the market-leading solution, helping companies to achieve this ambition,” he said.

“Panasonic continues to display both innovation and reliability in the air-conditioning industry, and we’re very confident that our latest range will improve the ability for organisations to manage their cooling and heating requirements.”

Features include a broad range of operating temperatures with the cooling operating range up to 52°C and heating operation down to -20°C.

This is in addition to Inverter compressors, an Intelligent Oil Management System, Variable Evaporation Temperature (VET) and Variable Condensation Temperature (VCT) technology.

This means temperature checks every 30 seconds to ensure automatic adjustment of coolant temperature according to actual demand and outdoor conditions, helping to improve comfort while also saving energy.

The range also includes Blue fin condenser coated to enhance durability and provide protection against corrosion from air, water and other elements.

Noise efficient - 51dB(A) (in the case of 22.4kW)
Total piping length - Up to 500m

External Static Pressure - Up to 80Pa
Outdoor/Indoor elevation - Up to 50m/40m (Up/Down)

Outdoor range: 22.4kW to 135kW
Single Module - 22.4kW, 28.0kW, 33.5kW, 40.0kW, 45.0kW (new)
Single Module Dimensions (H x W x D) – 1842mm x 1180mm x 1000mm Indoor range:
Wall Mounted, High Static Ducted, Slim-line Ducted, Ultraslim Ducted, 4 Way Cassette, 2 Way Cassette, 1 Way Cassette, Ceiling and Floor Console
2.2kW up to 28.0kW (varies by indoor category)

NanoeX sensor (CZ-CNEXU1), partner with Sensitive Choice can be added to 4 Way Cassette to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

All products are now available via Panasonic Air Conditioning specialist dealers and back with 5 years labour and parts warranty by Panasonic.

Visit or call 1300 COMFORT.

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