The Fujitsu General AIRSTAGE series continues to deliver exceptionally efficient and reliable systems with the introduction of the new Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) IV Series.

Launched in Australia in 2002, the Fujitsu General AIRSTAGESeries provides air conditioning solutions with design and installation flexibility, optimal comfort, high energy efficiency and consistent reliability for a wide range of projects.  

Transitioning the existing J-IIS, J-III, J-IIIL and VR-II to the new IV Series includes the introduction of new software that offers greater refrigerant control to Fujitsu’s VRF solutions for residential and commercial applications.

The new Intelligent Refrigerant Control feature can be activated by a function setting that improves the control of evaporator temperature.

This is achieved by changing the compressor logic, varying refrigerant distribution to suit the temperature requirements of each indoor space, and reducing the number of thermostat ON/OFF occurrences.

Fujitsu General Australia’s national product manager, Kyle Rafter, said Intelligent Refrigerant Control can maintain better room temperature control as the heat load varies throughout the day.

“Fujitsu General is pleased to announce this evolution for its VRF systems, and to be able to continue to adapt and improve the commercial solutions we offer under the AIRSTAGE brand to our new and existing customers,” Rafter said.

“The new IV Series will be available to the market this month and will be supported with a full training program.”

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