Mitsubishi Electric Australia has introduced a new nine-kilowatt wall mounted split system to its latest line-up.

Available now, the MSZ-AS90VGD-A1 is perfect for year-round comfort in large open plan living areas and includes key features such as advanced air filtration, Dual Barrier Coating and long airflow operation.

Its large capacity means that it suits big open plan spaces that can often be hard to temperature control from a single unit.

The Mitsubishi Electric range of wall mounted split system reverse-cycle air conditioners are engineered for high performance in the tough Australian climate.

They come in a range of capacity sizes, from two kilowatts now to nine kilowatts, to suit cooling and heating requirements in any home.

In addition to balanced airflow, the newest unit in the series also combats dirt and dust, two of the biggest enemies of air conditioners, as they slow down the machines and fail to cool the room.

This unit has an advanced Dual Barrier Coating on its heat exchanger and facial surfaces that reduces dust and greasy dirt from adhering to it.

This Mitsubishi Electric designed technology not only helps the unit stay cleaner for longer but also makes cleaning the unit easier, according to Atesh Mani, national product manager at Mitsubishi Electric Australia.

“Now more than ever, Australians want an air conditioner that does more than cooling and heating. As technology advances, people are looking for appliances that keep their health and wellness needs front and centre,” Mani said.

“Delivering clean, fresh and healthy air is a priority for us. The AS90 uses a built-in Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter which works to trap allergens such as mould and bacteria by using enzymes to decompose them.

“This is the largest capacity model in our domestic range, making it ideal for families who are spending more time indoors, whether that be for study, working from home or keeping warm during the cooler months.

“This unit provides ultimate comfort with operation modes such as long and wide airflow, helping to provide a more even air-conditioned experience.”

Mani said the MSZ-AS90VGD-A1 works seamlessly with your life. The unit also unlocks the door to smarter heating and cooling via optional Wi-Fi Control.

He said this innovative technology connects the Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner to the user’s smartphone, tablet or online account, giving them the freedom to control each unit on the go via an Internet connection.

“This is perfect for when users want their room at the ideal temperature for them when they arrive home. Additionally, night mode is a selectable function via the remote control that is designed to increase comfort at night,” he said.

“This is achieved by reducing the LED brightness on the indoor unit, disabling the alert beeps and reducing the outdoor units operational noise levels by up to 3 dB.”

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