Existing residential properties and new developments with limited outdoor space can now benefit from the new range of Fujitsu General Ducted outdoor units.

The new Ducted outdoor unit is Fujitsu General’s most compact and lightweight high static ducted solution, delivering flexibility with a contemporary design.

A reduction in height and weight provides developers and installers with more positioning options when adhering to the installation space requirements.

Fujitsu General Ducted air conditioning systems provide whole home comfort and greater flexibility over temperature control.

Features like optional zone control allow users to easily manage the air flow to different areas of the home to maximise comfort and minimise energy wastage.

The Ducted range offers exceptional flexibility and energy efficiency through its inverter technology, DC componentry, programmable weekly timers, and economy mode.

Features are operated using a simple, intuitive LCD back-lit controller for comfort customisation at the touch of a button.

The Fujitsu General range of outdoor Ducted units includes three models: AOTG30LBTC, AOTG36LBTC and AOTG45LBTC, powering three indoor units respectively: ARTG30LHTA, ARTG36LHTA and ARTG45LHTA.

For more information visit or contact Fujitsu General on 1300 882 201.

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