• Kwik Flex
    Kwik Flex

Kwik-Flex is a flexible duct-hanging support system designed to meet the installation requirements of Australian standard AS 4254.1:2021 for the use in all commercial domestic and industrial applications.

Commonly used hanging products like blue strap or metal perforated strapping

with or without various mesh products, can strangle the flexible duct or even cut the outer jacket of the duct.

This leads to poor performance of the system, increasing running costs and wasteful energy consumption, not to mention thermal bridging and condensation.

Studies in both Australia and the United States show that there can be up to 40 per cent thermal energy losses in flexible ducting due to poor installation practices.

Kwik-Flex ensures the efficient operating of ducted air-conditioning, heating or evaporative cooling systems.  Saving the end users or occupiers money.

Kwik-Flex has been proven and used throughout the HVAC industry since 2012.  Less time spent on-site and providing a professional installation that meets and exceeds the Building Code of Australia (BCA) / National Construction Code (NCC) requirements.

Each Kwik-Flex strap is tested to hold up 30kgs the one size fits flexible duct from 100-600mm.

One box can do two to three average sized domestic ducted system installs.  Kwik-Flex can be easily removed and reused when needed.

Due to the product being extremely easy to install, time efficient and lightweight, contractors love using it. 

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