• Midea celebrates an important milestone in Thailand.
    Midea celebrates an important milestone in Thailand.

Miidea has manufactured one million air conditioners at its factory in Thailand, which first opened in November 2022.

Located in Chonburi, Thailand, the factory cost more than $US137 million and has produced one million air conditioners in one year.

The Chinese company celebrated the milestone pointing out that the facility is an important part of the company’s global strategy.

Midea has ranked number one in China and is leading the global market for sales of its eco-friendly R290 series. Since passing the milestone of exporting its millionth unit in 2003, Midea has exported more than 30 million units annually.

Midea also has research centres in Japan, Europe and North America as well as the Milan Design Centre, Italy.

On the topic of technology leadership, Midea said its new-generation AI-based smart inverter technology can control frequency conversion better through AI algorithms and cloud computing, generating superior energy-savings.