RectorSeal has released Big Foot Multi Frame XL to complement its product range for everything from H frame to multi-frame systems.

Weather-resistant Big Foot frames support rooftop HVAC equipment and systems, in a variety of rooftop applications.

The modular Multi Frame XL release offers an additional 50 centimetres in length for VRV/VRF HVAC systems.

After the initial frame is built extension kits can be extended from any side as often as needed.

Easy to assemble and versatile for challenging installations, all hardware is included in the boxed kits.

Roof penetration is not required during installation, mounting brackets, adjustable cross bars, connectors and extension kits will accommodate units of all sizes.

All Multi Frame XL units are suitable for HVAC equipment up to 500 kilograms and are constructed of hot-dipped galvanised steel.

Adjustable leg assemblies are designed to accommodate roof slopes; for installation on PVC and asphalt roof surfaces, Foot Fleece SKUs are recommended to prevent roof damage.

The Frame Tech online configuration and engineering tool guides the user through a series of questions and automatically provides engineering specifications for maximum wind load, tip and slip, along with the pounds per foot calculations.

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