Mitsubishi Electric has expanded its range of Mr Slim air conditioning units with the addition of two new PEAD-M low-profile ducted models.

The new 5 kW and 6 kW capacity units are ideal for small apartments, homes and offices with roof space as a low as 250 mm.

Traditionally, bulkhead type indoor units have a short amount of ducting to the air-outlet vent, which restricts where homeowners can place the air vents.

The new units in the PEAD range have a high static pressure up to 150 Pa which allows for a system with longer ducting runs to the air-outlet vents.

This also allows more airflow configuration options, whether that be for multiple rooms, an L-shaped room or rooms with pre-existing ceiling fixtures.

Temperature control at the touch of a button is another key feature of the range.

The Zone Control allows users to manage up to eight spaces within the home. The optional Zone Controller features three built-in sensors (temperature, brightness & occupancy), and provides monitoring and scheduled operation of the air conditioning unit.

These features combine to provide a comfortable air environment and greater control over energy consumption and costs.

In addition to the temperature, the functionality of the range has also been a key focus for Mitsubishi Electric Australia, according to the company’s national product manager, Atesh Mani.

“We recognise that noise affects comfort, so we constantly work to make our air conditioners as quiet as possible,” he said.

“With improvements made to the fan blades combined with the grille shape of the outdoor units, the PEAD range can run at a low noise mode.

“With the cooler weather just around the corner, we want customers to be feeling the comfort, not hearing it.”

The new PEAD units also feature the optional Wi-Fi interface and Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device capabilities*. 

The innovative technology connects the air conditioning unit to a smartphone, tablet or online account, giving users the freedom to fully control each unit on-the-go.

Models include the PEAD-M50JAAD (5 kW) and PEAD-M60JAAD (6 kW) low profile ducted air conditioners. 

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealers are trained to assist Australians to choose the right air conditioning system or refrigerator for their home.

Dealers can be found at ​

Call 1300 164 508. 

*Optional upgrade adapter required per unit. Requires an Internet connection and the App downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone or tablet with the latest Operating System available.

*To use Amazon Alexa to control your air conditioner, you will need an Amazon Alexa Echo device.

*To use Google Assistant to control your air conditioner, you will need a Google Home smart speaker.



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