• Q-REF's KBO chiller.
    Q-REF's KBO chiller.

Honeywell claims its Solstice ze refrigerant has enabled Q-REF's KIBO chiller to be 46 per cent more energy efficient compared to traditional ammonia-powered solutions.

As cold storage capacity needs rise in Europe and across the world, so does the need for energy since power costs account for 50 to 70 per cent of the spending for cold storage and logistics.2

For many retailers and food producers, cold storage has a large impact on Scope 3 emissions and the use of more energy-efficient technologies can help them reach their decarbonization goals.

Q-REF CEO, Benoit Duparc, said the KIBO chiller, which is powered by Danfoss Turbocor’s compressor technology, is reaching never before seen energy efficiency levels in the cold storage industry.

 “KIBO is now able to save nearly 20 per cent in maintenance operations, while being 30 per cent smaller and lighter than traditional ammonia chillers we otherwise would have had to use," he said.

Honeywell Solstice technology helps Q-REF’s customers contribute to Europe's ambitious emissions targets, while complying with the newest revision of the F-Gas regulation.

Vice president and general manager of Honeywell Advanced Materials in EMEA, Julien Soulet said Honeywell Solstice technology supports manufacturers like Q-REF in developing efficient chillers to meet Europe's increasing regulatory targets around energy consumption.

Since its introduction in 2011, the use of Honeywell Solstice technology has helped avoid the potential release of the equivalent of more than 326 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere or the carbon emissions from nearly 70 million gasoline-powered passenger vehicles per year.3