Mitsubishi Electric has launched its newest line of innovative air conditioners into the Australian market - the MSZ-AP Series.

The new split system range, designed for the modern home, features components set to cater to the needs of everyday Australians, all year round.

Models range from 2.5 to 7.8 kW, so there is a capacity to suit almost all cooling and heating requirements around the home.

The MSZ-AP Series features new technology, which provides ultra-quiet operation during the day and even quieter at night.

For an even more peaceful sleep, consumers can also engage Night Mode to reduce the brightness of the operational panel, disable beep noises, and limits noise of the outdoor unit.

The smaller sized 25 model is ideal for providing a very quiet heating option for the rooms it's needed the most, such as a bedroom.

Mitsubishi Electric Australia's national product manager, Atesh Mani, said the series includes the quietest model that the brand has ever released.

“This is Mitsubishi Electric’s quietest ever model which runs so smoothly that consumers may need to check whether the device has even been turned on,” he said. “Operating at a noise level as low as 18 dB(A) for the 25 size model in heating mode, this series will let consumers sleep peacefully again. To put that in perspective, that is quieter than the level of noise from a rustling of leaves.”

The MSZ-AP Series features Dual Barrier Coating, designed to reduce dust and greasy dirt from entering the air conditioner. Developed by Mitsubishi Electric, Dual Barrier Coating works like a nonstick surface, providing long-lasting protection to the heat exchanger, fan and air ducts.

This innovation makes maintenance easier, and the system stays cleaner for longer. There’s a potential reduced impact for the environment too, as the Mitsubishi Electric MSZ series uses R32 refrigerant, which has one-third the global warming potential of R410A.

Along with superior noise control and cleanliness, a key feature of the MSZ-AP Series is its connectivity.
The series connects your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner to your smartphone or online account*, granting the freedom to control each unit online.

It’s a sought-after feature for those consumers wanting the flexibility to control their home’s temperature anywhere, anytime. Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control answers the needs of the modern Australian household, now with compatibility across Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Rounding out the high-performance features of the MSZ-AP Series is its award-winning** streamlined design.

The MSZ-AP Series has a uniform, sleek design regardless of the size and model of the unit.

The understated, yet high-quality appearance is designed to blend in with any interior. When mounted, the units appear smaller due to the tapered bottom end.

* Optional additional adapter MAC-568IF-E required per unit.
** Red Dot Design Award



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