• VRV streamer cassette with Streamer technology
    VRV streamer cassette with Streamer technology

Daikin Australia yesterday released the VRV Round Flow Cassette with Sensing & Streamer offering maximum comfort, energy savings and superior air purification.

Daikin Australia launched its VRV Round Flow Cassette range with Sensing & Streamer Technology for superior air purification

Streamer Technology is Daikin’s latest advancement in integrated purification and effectively optimises indoor air quality for the comfort, well-being and productivity of building occupants.

Built into the cassette, the Streamer emits a plasma discharge generating high-speed electrons that produce powerful oxidative decomposition capabilities.

This process actively removes bacteria, formaldehyde and odours and eliminates up to 99.6%1 of pollen, mould and allergens from the air.

A comfortable environment is important in ensuring positive occupant experiences and to maximise well-being and productivity.

The new cassette has been designed with both presence and floor temperature sensors to control and monitor both airflow and temperature distribution in the occupied space

The round flow design distributes air evenly from all 360° of the unit.

To cater for specific room layouts and occupant requirements, Individual Flap Control enables each flap to be opened/closed and set to five different vertical positions while Airflow Block reduces the airflow in the desired direction.

For evenly distributed rapid cooling or heating, the new Auto Swing Control features narrower swing ranges with a six-step sequence. The Circulation Airflow Function rapidly cools or heats a room by alternating between 2-way horizontal flow, 4-way Auto Swing flow and normal round flow operation.

Not only does this result in improved occupant comfort, it provides significant energy savings for building owners. The cassette is controlled using Daikin’s new compact Stylish Controller which allows users to easily control their comfort using intuitive touch button control.

National commercial manager at Daikin, Simon Langstaff, said the new Round Flow Cassette with Sensing & Streamer features sophisticated sensing capability and Daikin’s market-leading Streamer Technology built into the unit.

“Providing a higher level of comfort & indoor air quality than previous models, the new model takes advantage of the energy efficiency benefits cassettes offer while maintaining a higher focus on occupant comfort ,” Langstaff said.

“The infrared Human Presence Sensor automatically directs air flow away from occupants for draught[1]free comfort. It also enters the cassette in Energy Saving Mode which shifts the cooling setpoint up or heating setpoint down when the room is unoccupied.”

At just 256mm high x 840mm wide x 840mm deep2 , the cassette can be quickly and easily installed in ceiling void heights of just 261mm2 .

The cassette also offers design flexibility with an easily interchangeable white or black fascia.

For more information on the Daikin VRV Round Flow Cassette with Sensing & Streamer, visit commercial.daikin.com.au or call 1300 368 300. 1See daikin.com.au/streamer

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