Panasonic has integrated its AC Smart Connectivity solution with Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Solution and Intelligent Room Controllers, to create an innovative energy management system for the next generation of commercial buildings.

This strategic alliance brings a new level of efficiency to building air conditioning. The new solution reduces operating costs while optimising a building’s overall green credentials – a key factor in meeting efficiency goals both now and in the future.

Key capabilities for the HVAC industry AC Smart Connectivity enables direct serial communication between Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Solution and intelligent room controllers with Panasonic’s packaged air conditioning (PAC) and variable refrigerant flow-based (VRF) HVAC heating and cooling systems, via the ZigBee wireless communication standard (including languages such as BACnet and Modbus).

Plug and play technology reduces installation time and saves on capital expenditure

Excellent Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management for comfort and reduction of operating expenditure

Precise control provides valuable insights to reduce energy consumption and increase cost savings

Easy-to-use interface is fully customisable

Panasonic Australia's product marketing manager for air conditioning, Jack Tey, said the partnership builds on the expertise of both companies.

“We are passionate about addressing our customers’ evolving needs and pursuing the ultimate in energy saving through the application of cutting-edge technology,” he said.

“This partnership with Schneider Electric builds on both companies’ expertise and leadership in HVAC equipment and building energy management and control.”

With global demand for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) products set to reach $122 billion globally by 2020, according to WorldBuild 365, new technologies are emerging at a faster rate than ever before.

Schneider Electric general manager, Paul Crothers, said facility managers are opting for smarter products and systems which are more energy efficient and provide increased control, while mega-trends such as the Internet of Things mean devices are becoming more connected and communicative than ever before.

“Schneider Electric and Panasonic have simplified energy management with innovative integration that optimises building efficiency and installation costs. The combination of our technologies brings innovation and real value to customers and accelerates their return on investment,” Crothers said.

A single interface provides full control to building owners and managers — including HVAC, lighting, power, security and electrical distribution — for actionable insights that improve occupant comfort, reduce a building’s energy consumption and increase cost savings.

The AC Smart Connectivity solution can be installed and integrated easily, which is ideal for retrofits of buildings. The solution takes full advantage of innovative plug-and-play technology which simplifies system configurations for extensive AC systems, or it can be installed as a part of a standalone system.

This not only reduces installation time, but also saves on capital expenditure (CapEx) costs for building owners.

Excellent IAQ management for comfort and reduction of operating expenditure AC Smart Connectivity offers operating expense (OpEx) savings with outstanding IAQ.

Integrated room sensors monitor temperature and humidity, while ZigBee wireless sensors measure window/door openings and room occupancy to intuitively deliver the optimum IAQ.

This helps create the most comfortable environment for occupants, contributes to improved employee or guest satisfaction and well-being, and significantly reduces operating costs.

The easy-to-use interface is fully customisable with set-point boundaries and simple preprogrammable settings including background colour options, custom messaging and displays that can be tailored to match any office interior design. The colour touch screens, with 6 language selections, present a familiar visual control for the user, making them easy to navigate without requiring additional training.

The system offers a range of controllers and window, wall, ceiling and CO2ii sensors. It is compatible with Panasonic FSV systems, and PAC systems including High Static Ducted, Cassette, Under Ceiling and Wall Mounted. Panasonic offers a 5-year labour and parts warranty.

For more information on AC Smart Connectivity, contact 1300 COMFORT (1300 266 367).

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