Traditional refrigerative air conditioning systems rely on recirculating air to achieve optimal cooling performance and efficiency.

The introduction of fresh, outside air to meet required ventilation under the building code often comes at a cost, in terms of compromising cooling efficiency and running costs.

Already regarded as a product leader in the HVAC industry, the newly updated Climate Wizard CW-H15 boasts an increased outside air intake to ensure greater volumes of fresh air, while the filter cowling has been upgraded to improve rigidity and strength.

Air intake efficiency has been dramatically improved by increasing the air openings of the cowling, which now comes factory assembled to reduce installation requirements on site.

This is a gamechanger although Climate Wizard already has a reputation for delivering reliable cooling performance using 100 per cent fresh air and achieving up to 80 per cent savings in running costs. The CW-H15 also integrates the cutting-edge Schneider PLC and optional Schneider controller with temperature and humidity sensor, controlled locally on a 4” colour touch screen display.

With advanced electronics programmed for maximum efficiency, water consumption is minimised, and maximum efficiency achieved. Not only is the controller smart, reliable and durable, it can also be configured to accept external high level and low level BMS system inputs.

It is the only robust indirect evaporative cooling medium with proven performance worldwide. The CW-H15 is fully manufactured in Australia by local manufacturer Seeley International to tackle the harsh and unforgiving Aussie climate.

Powder coated, marine grade aluminium is used to ensure it is weatherproof and corrosion resistant, while mechanical fasteners are stainless steel or aluminium.

The Supercool range delivers additional cooling capacity from a direct cooling stage that uses Black Magic Mini-Cell5 Chillcel pad technology that increases surface area of the pads by 25 per cent to dramatically multiply cooling capacity and efficiency.

In fact, Climate Wizard maintains its unrivalled energy-efficiency and still delivers 100 per cent fresh, cool air inside no matter how hot external temperatures may reach. While refrigerated systems use increased amounts of power to cope with rising outside temperatures, Climate Wizard’s performance actually increases as temperatures rise, without increased energy use.

The cold air produced by indirect evaporative air conditioning is also comparable with refrigerated systems, with no added moisture to the air (excluding Supercool series) and delivering superior performance at only a fraction of the cost.

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