• Trane LEAF heat pumps leverage propane’s exceptional thermodynamic properties.
    Trane LEAF heat pumps leverage propane’s exceptional thermodynamic properties.

Trane Technologies has released Trane LEAF, its new generation of air-to-water heat pumps.

Delivering heating and cooling capacities ranging from 8-30kW, Trane LEAF was designed to feature non ozone depleting and ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) R-290 (propane) refrigerant and provide sustainable comfort heating, cooling or domestic hot water production to light commercial and residential buildings.

Portfolio leader for Trane in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Louis Rompre, said Trane LEAF heat pumps seamlessly complement the company’s extensive comfort heat pump portfolio.

”Trane LEAF heat pumps are ideally suited for comfort heating and domestic hot water applications. Leveraging propane’s exceptional thermodynamic properties and near zero GWP, Trane LEAF not only allows customers to reduce direct emissions but also contributes to a significant reduction in both direct and indirect emissions,” he said.

“In regions where there's a growing emphasis on green solutions, this product stands out as a smart choice, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility."

Key features include:

Versatile Operation: Trane LEAF excels in diverse conditions achieving elevated hot water temperatures in low outdoor air conditions. Operating optimally down to -20°C outdoor air, it delivers elevated hot water at +75°C even at 0°C outdoor air and +60°C at -15°C ambient temperature, making it an ideal solution for replacing gas boilers in light commercial and residential buildings.

Modularity Kit: Addressing larger heating demands (>30 kW), an optional modularity kit allows a configuration with up to 4 units, offering flexibility in meeting varying requirements.

BMS Connectivity: The integration of Building Management System connectivity via MODBUS TCP/IP or RTU enhances control and monitoring capabilities, providing users with advanced and seamless management options.

Full Inverter-Driven Technology: Equipped with a full inverter-driven scroll compressor, electronic expansion valve, and EC brushless fan(s), Trane LEAF achieves very high efficiency at all working conditions. This technology ensures optimal performance, contributing to energy savings and environmental sustainability.