• The Danfoss red Circlemiser chiller
    The Danfoss red Circlemiser chiller

Geoclima has customised a 400 kW (114 RT) air-cooled Circlemiser chiller for delivery to the Danfoss headquarters in Denmark.

The chiller was painted Danfoss red and is equipped with oil-free centrifugal compressor and cylindrical condensers.

Circlemiser is an exclusive technology that is characterized by an innovative design for unparalleled performance and efficiency.

The chiller is designed to use HFO-1234ze and delivers EER 5.93 W/W.

It features Danfoss controls and Danfoss Turbocor compressors.

All the aesthetic details have been taken care of, such as the aluminum finish for the heat exchangers and the soundproofing boxes for the compressors are transparent, so that the Turbocor compressors are visible.

Finally, the chiller was built flipped, so that the compressor compartments are visible to customers.

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