A-Gas has launched a comprehensive refrigerant and oil quality analysis kit, the first available in the New Zealand HVACR market.

The A-Gas REFRIG HEAL+H CHECK is an important analytical tool designed to provide a complete understanding of the quality of refrigerant and oil running through a system, allowing for proactive diagnosis of potential issues for system owners and assists contractors to understand a baseline for future work to be carried out.

Refrigerant samples are thoroughly tested and analysed by qualified technicians at the new A-Gas laboratory in Auckland.

The analysis results are presented in a detailed report showing the quality of samples against the globally recognised AHRI Standard 700 specifications.

A-Gas New Zealand country manager, Mitch Williamson, said the report is accompanied by commentary to assist in the remediation of any problems identified.

‘With the opening of the first refrigerant testing laboratory at the A-Gas site in New Zealand last month, we’re pleased that contractors, servicing companies and system owners now have access to our full analytical services through the launch of the REFRIG HEAL+H CHECK kit,” he said.

The benefits of routine quality testing of system fluids include:

  • Prevent system damage and avoid costly repairs
  • Reduce maintenance costs by regularly monitoring fluids
  • Improve energy efficiency by rectifying issues associated with compromised fluids
  • Maximise equipment operating lifespan, delaying new capex
  • When contractors take on maintenance contracts, they can establish a baseline quality of refrigerant to inform future work
  • Identify opportunities for preventative maintenance

Samples collected are tested for Vapour: Non-Condensable Gases; Refrigerant: Purity, composition, moisture, boiling residue, acidity, chloride & particulates; and Oil: Viscosity, moisture, acidity, particulates and wear metals.

The kit contains everything the customer needs to request testing and is available from leading wholesalers throughout New Zealand.