ORBIT (model range VL) and ORBIT+ scroll compressors from BITZER have been approved for serial production for use with the refrigerants R454B, R452B and R32 and are also suitable for operation with A1 refrigerants.

This makes BITZER the first manufacturer in the world to supply scroll compressors with displacements of between 20 and 80 m3/h (50 Hz) for use with A2L refrigerants. These have only low flammability ratings and a low GWP.

The familiar ORBIT series in the VA model range will continue to be available for operation with A1 refrigerants.

ORBIT and ORBIT+ are already integrated into BITZER software ensuring they can be quickly and easily configured by customers.

BITZER customers will particularly benefit from the A2L approval of the ORBIT (model range VL) and ORBIT+ compressors: both series provide several years of planning security due to the low GWP values of the refrigerants R454B, R452B and R32.

Before they were approved for serial production, the ORBIT and ORBIT+ scroll compressors demonstrated their quality and future-proof compatibility in extensive tests. In addition, they have been successfully qualified by OEM customers in their qualification programs.

The ORBIT and ORBIT+ compressor models feature displacements of between 20 and 80 m3/h (50 Hz) and are designed for air conditioning systems and heat pumps in particular.

Their strengths include a wide application range, their high energy efficiency and a low noise level. All compressors in the series can also be operated at a fixed speed or used with an external frequency inverter with variable speed (35 to 75 Hz). ORBIT and ORBIT+ scroll compressors can also be equipped with the BITZER

Advanced Header Technology (BAHT), providing customers with hundreds of potential tandem and trio assembly combinations.

With the ORBIT Portfolio, OEMs can tailor offerings to their customers, whereby the construction and manufacturing processes in the system construction can be designed largely the same.

This saves OEMs significant costs in development and production.

As the ORBIT and ORBIT+ series feature identical connection sizes, there is less design, production and logistics work involved in the development of a new generation of systems. This provides OEMs with maximum flexibility and efficiency.

This video offers more information on ORBIT scroll compressors:

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