Access restrictions to client sites remains the most significant challenge to meeting servicing needs for the HVAC industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Increased safety protocols have increase costs related to staff resourcing and time.

The key to reducing these costs is to reduce the need for site visits, and once on site, minimise the time required to undertake the service and repair.

Remote access to equipment data from the equipment allows service teams to know the problem they are likely to encounter, prior to arriving on site. Spare parts can be ordered in advance, greatly reducing equipment downtime, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

In many instances, issues can be identified before HVAC service is impacted, avoiding costly repairs such as blocked drain trays and inefficient unit operation due to clogged filters and blocked strainers.

The Splash HVAC and HPWH Service Support Platform allows cost effective data acquisition on any equipment using MODBUS or BACNET protocols. The platform is also pre-configured to support all Temperzone products with UC6, UC7, UC8, Carel and M172 PLC platforms. Talk to us about connecting to other manufacturer’s equipment.

Data is displayed in real-time, in an easy to use graphical interface. Commissioning and service information, and system data is stored for easy access throughout the lifetime of the unit. Data is transmitted using a secure 4G interface that avoids interference with the BMS.

A further benefit is the ability to make setpoint adjustments remotely (where supported). This avoids the need for costly charges from the BMS service provider, and offers accessible BMS functionality to service support contractors for a fraction of the complexity and cost.

Installation is simple as it is a plug and play solution. Equipment is couriered to the site, and activated with a call to the Splash support team.

Splash Monitoring ia an IoT platform tailormade for the HVAC/HPWH service industry.

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