Daikin showcased advanced residential and commercial HVAC equipment for providing superior air at the 2019 AHR Expo in Atlanta, America.

There was also an interactive demonstration of Daikin's industry-leading commercial HVAC solutions.

Mike Schwartz, CEO of Daikin Applied Americas, said the company has invested in the next generation of HVAC technology by continuously creating innovative solutions for improving building efficiency.

“With our interactive demonstrations we are able to give visitors a unique and immersive experience with the latest Daikin technology,” he said.

“Customers can dive into the products and fully experience how buildings of all sizes can benefit.”

With the introduction of the Daikin One ecosystem, Daikin is up-ending the status quo in the HVAC market, where players have been conservative in adopting IoT technologies and, until recently, relegated leadership in the smart thermostat category to consumer electronics brands.

At the heart of the new Daikin One ecosystem is the new Daikin One smart thermostat, engineered to communicate seamlessly with all Daikin One ecosystem components, including the new Daikin Fit condensing units, Daikin One air cleaners, furnaces and evaporator coils.

Daikin One is the first smart thermostat to offer full two-way communications and serves as a cloud-connected hub and controller for sophisticated, communicating HVAC systems.

In combination with Daikin's smart inverter HVAC systems, such as the new Daikin Fit systems, the Daikin One ecosystem of indoor air quality modules provides an unparalleled, integrated solution for temperature control and air quality.

It allows people to "Visualize the Air" inside their home and reacts on cues to provide a premium indoor air environment. Now that's Air Intelligence, Schwartz said.

The Daikin Fit system provides a cost-competitive condensing unit in the mid-efficiency category with clear design and performance advantages.

Daikin Fit condensing units are engineered with high performing, quiet inverter compressors and side discharge cabinet designs that are smaller, lighter and quieter than traditional residential unitary outdoor condensing units and provide efficiencies up to 18 SEER.

Executive vice president and president of Daikin North America, Takayuki (Taka) Inoue, said over the past year Daikin has again engineered revolutionary HVAC technologies for the North American market.

“As we move into 2019, the Daikin team looks to find more success by continuing to drive Air Intelligence with new HVAC technology," he said.

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