MTA has added new air cooled chillers, designed for use with lower GWP refrigerant R454B, to its established Taurus and Aries series.

With hermetic scroll compressors, the new Taurus G and Aries G models cover cooling capacities from 73 to 867kW. They both boast high seasonal efficiencies in accordance with ERP directive Tier 2 requirements. Quiet SHE and very quiet SSN versions are available. 

R454B is a Chemours refrigerant branded as Opteon XL41. An A2L refrigerant, it is a blend of R32 and R1234yf with a GWP of 466.

The Taurus G comes standard with plate evaporator (optional shell & tube evaporator), V configuration condenser coils, and electronic expansion valves.

The Aries G standard features include shell & tube evaporator, V configuration condenser coils, electronic expansion valves.  Also available is a low water temperature version MWT for outlet water temperature down to -10C. 

Both the Taurus G and Aries G meet current MEPs requirements and can be optioned with a wide range of accessories, kits and versions, including EC Fans, heat recovery, integrated buffer tanks & choice of single or dual pumps.

In addition, kits are available for supervision and remote control, including the xWEB300D monitoring system and modules for master-slave operation of up to eight systems as accessories.

For further details on the MTA product range visit or contact MTA on 1300 304 177 or email

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