When it comes to serving food, storing pharmaceuticals or maintaining appliances, its best to be 100 per cent sure.

This is the idea that drives Testo's tools and services; the need for absolute certainty.

Testo's new brand element, "Be Sure," encompasses the company's idea of providing innovative solutions in the form of accurate, portable testing instruments; rather than just everyday tools.

In the age of boundless information, the goal is unrivalled certainty. For those who deal with exact measurements and complicated machinery, there's no better feeling than peace of mind - knowing a job was well-done.

Testo is changing the direction of its business, and the new brand message "Be Sure," is a clear indicator of everything Testo wants to accomplish.

Innovative tools that incorporate the latest technology available allow users to make the right decisions that improve products and save time and resources, without compromising on safety and quality.

Intuitive software that connects directly with your instruments to automatically pull data offers accurate measurement readings and better customer service by being able to store, email or print out reports.

Dependable servicing gives users the peace of mind that experienced professionals have ensuring tools meet all the criteria to stay as reliable as the day they were purchased.

Industries are evolving every day as appliances and equipment become more complex. The same old methods we've all relied on for years simply can't match the speed and accuracy that's needed to provide safety and certainty in today's world, which is why Testo is striving to become the global leader in manufacturing portable testing equipment that provides innovative solutions to meet your needs.

The digital revolution is well underway, and there's perhaps no greater benefactor than yourself. Tools with digital displays that connect to software via Bluetooth can provide unparalleled precision with ease by using multiple probes and sensors to do the same work users have always been doing, but in half the time.

State-of-the-art diagnostics and servicing equipment keeps Testo instruments as accurate as they were on the day they were purchased, ensuring they remain compliant with relevant laws.

There's no more second guessing involved; it is about always being sure.

Introduce yourself to the Testo family of devices and gadgets that are making work more fun and less complex. The world is changing quickly and those who adapt are best prepared for the future; don't you think your tools should provide innovative solutions? Visit