Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia Pty Ltd (MHIAA) has once again been recognised by consumer comparison group Canstar Blue as the 2021 Most Satisfied Customer award winner in the air conditioners category.

This is the third year in a row that MHIAA have been awarded this prestigious honour by Australian consumers, making them one of the most awarded brands of air conditioners in Australia by taking out the award in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

This announcement follows the company’s recent win securing Australia’s Best Brand of Air Conditioners in 2021 by CHOICE for the fourth year in a row.

Canstar Blue prides itself on being rated as Australia’s Most Trusted Comparison site and helps Australian consumers make better purchasing decision by focusing on three elements of the consumer buying pattern including price monitoring, consumer research and expert ratings. 

As part of their methodology, Canstar Blue asks respondents to rate their experience with air conditioning brands across six categories including: overall satisfaction, value for money, reliability, ease of use, functionality and features, noise while operating and connectivity.

Users are asked a qualifying question to determine if they have purchased an air conditioner within the last three years, before they can access the full survey.

Canstar Blue focuses on highlighting the voices of those customers with the most recent experience of engagement with each air conditioning brand to give Australians an up-to-date picture of how each brand continues to perform each year.

In the 2021 review, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries once again outperformed all other brands of air conditioners across all six categories to be awarded the 2021 Most Satisfied Customer Award.

Along with this, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was also the only brand to receive a 5-star rating for five out of the six categories including: overall satisfaction, reliability, ease of use, noise while operating, value for money and functions and features.

The Canstar Blue results have highlighted that once again reliability is a key driver for overall customer satisfaction from an air conditioning brand, one that managing director for MHIAA, Mr. Yuji Ito highlights as a driver for the company’s overall performance in Australia.

“Here at MHIAA we are proud to bring a reliable and high performing product to the Australian market and as a company we remain committed to this promise and delivery throughout Australia,” he said.

“The Canstar Blue 2021 Most Satisfied Customer award is an exceptional honour for all of us at MHIAA as it has been awarded to us by the Australian consumer who has tried and tested our products.”

As part of the results, Canstar Blue surveyed respondents from various age groups, household income levels and genders to provide a holistic review of Australia’s most reliable and satisfactory brand of air conditioners.

For managing director, Mr Yuji Ito, this acknowledgement of merit from Australian consumers is an incredible honour for the company who have since become Australia’s most awarded Brand of Air conditioners in just over 20 years.

“While the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group and our parent company in Japan have over 300 years of excellence, the company itself has only been operating on this level for just over 20 years within Australia,” he said.

“To see the results of the Canstar Blue research and the response of Australian consumers to our product is an incredible honour. On behalf of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, I would like to thank Canstar Blue and Australian consumers for recognising us with this honour for the third year in a row.”



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