The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has approved updated training packages for the air conditioning and refrigeration sector.

The new Electrotechnology Training Package 3.0 includes a new unit of competency for maintaining variable refrigerant flow air conditioning systems, as well as emergency lighting, alarm systems and fire and smoke control systems.

This is in addition to a new unit of competency and skill set to support safe work practices when working with renewable technologies.

On a global scale, one-third of all jobs are likely to be transformed by technology in the next decade, according to OECD estimates.

By j2022, the World Economic Forum estimates 133 million new jobs in major economies will be created to meet the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Last month the Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business, Stuart Robert, said this government has committed to the highest spend on skills and training in Australia’s history.

“Just this financial year the federal government is spending $6.4 billion,” he said.

“This includes a two-year extension of the $2 billion JobTrainer fund, offering free or low-fee training to Australians,  which is jointly funded with state and territory governments.”

To date the JobTrainer fund has supported over 230,000 Australians to upskill.

‘I would encourage all Australians to consider taking up an apprenticeship or a traineeship because taking up a skill or a trade sets you on a path for a rewarding career and a well-paid job today and tomorrow,’ Robert said. 

“Whether it is $2 billion for the JobTrainer fund or our $3.9 billion investment in wage subsidies for apprentices and trainees we are putting money on the table to deliver opportunities to get into high-quality jobs.”


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