Air Conditioning

Previously, Steven R. Scarborough was president of HVAC distributor Climatic Comfort Products.

Final emissions data for the June quarter 2020 and the 2019-20 financial year will be published in late November 2020.

Installing a brand new 4,000-kilowatt chiller in a 54-storey building is almost impossible.

Poor maintenance can increase chiller power consumption by as much as 20 per cent.

Researchers at PNNL have made strides engineering MOFs as adsorbents that can adsorb, or host, certain refrigerants.

Mitchell believes being able to shine is important because it is an opportunity to inspire others.

The second technology Multi-Air Mode uses multiple vents to create a more pleasant indoor environment with gentle wind.

The focus needs to be on the design, installation and operation of ventilation systems.

A spokesperson for NSW Fair Trading said air conditioners incorporating flammable refrigerants are now “declared articles” as they have specific and different risks to a normal air conditioner.

CEO of the new company, Getzner Vibration Solutions, is Tim Scully.

Through this partnership, hundreds of new homes will be fitted with a Haier Smart Power Outdoor 3Phase and High Static Ducted indoor unit in either 20.5kw or 24kw.

Market research found a gap in the Australian market for technicians that can safely handle, install and maintain natural refrigerant solutions.

The proposal stipulates the inclusion of a number of safety and flammability warning labels both inside and outside the equipment.

With social distancing practices still firmly in place in Actrol branches, celebrations will take on a digital spin this year, with a social media competition and customer giveaways throughout the day.

The second Meriton development to introduce natural refrigerants is Eminence, a 15-storey tower with 254 apartments based in Zetland, an inner-city suburb of Sydney which is part of the City of Sydney municipality.

The innovative technology connects the air conditioning unit to a smartphone, tablet or online account, giving users the freedom to fully control each unit on-the-go.