There have been plenty of exciting announcements from Hitachi this year with the release of its new FrostWash technology and the upcoming launch of a VRF remote management system.

FrostWash’s unique self-cleaning technology works by freezing moisture on the surface of the indoor unit heat exchanger, capturing and then flushing away impurities that can build over time.

The FrostWash Technology works behind the scenes, with an array of other innovative features such as built-in motion sensor, Power Tracking, weekly programmable scheduling and Wi-Fi connectivity with voice command capabilities.  Available on the NEW S Series High Wall split systems with cooling capacity ranging from 2.5kw to 8kw

Hitachi has also developed set free mini VRF systems to achieve the best performance in a wide variety of commercial applications including residential apartments, shops, and offices, where unobtrusive appearance and quiet operation are important.

SET FREE Mini offers 3 types of outdoor units ranging from 3HP to 12HP with high energy savings, installation flexibility and environment adaptability.

Design flexibility is guaranteed by the breadth of the range of compatible indoor units – up to 12 model types, offering flexibility and maximum air distribution enabling the SET FREE Mini System to be easily installed for maximum performance.


airCloud Home

airCloud Home is a cloud-based solution for remotely controlling a Hitachi Air Conditioning system via a smart phone or device.

A suite of features such as temperature control, adjustable air flow direction, weekly programmable scheduling and voice command with the use of Alexa or Google allows for total comfort creation and ideal climate throughout the home all from a single easy to use app.

Much like airCloud Home, airCloud Pro is a cloud-based solution for remote access via a smart phone, tablet or laptop allowing for VRF Systems to be management with ease whilst being off-site.

airCloud Pro has a connection possibility of up to 80 indoor units and 16 outdoor units with optimized AC operations such as: temperature adjustments, fan speed and louvre direction control, scheduling, user permissions and power monitoring capabilities to name a few. Also encompassing intuitive configuration, secure registration and login, shortcuts to access most common functions and the ability to control unlimited number of sites.

Centralized management at a new level is coming soon.

The Hitachi High Static Ducted system ranges from 4 to 7HP, ideal solution for homes small or large, and or commercial tenancies. Engineered to be compact and discreet, the 4HP up to the 6HP comes with the added feature of being separable into two pieces, allowing installation into tight ceiling cavities hassle free.

Paired with Hitachi’s intuitive zone controller, not only does it offer comfortable air conditioning where and when needed but, it allows for greater energy savings.

The intuitive yet simple Zone Controller offers control of up to 8 zones individually, connection of up to 5 temperature sensors with sensor assignment and averaging capabilities, a weekly time clock feature encompassing individual zone scheduling, and an intelligent air-flow control through Automatic Fan Speed mode selection.

Cassette Systems

Ranging in cooling capacity from 5kw to 13kw, the 4-way cassettes are an economical and effective way of air conditioning open areas with high occupancy or traffic, such as shops, restaurants and walkways. Incorporating DC Technology, the cassette range features inverter control and the ability to achieve superior operating efficiency.

The 5kw & 6kw cassettes are one of the most compact on the market [570 x 570] and stands only 285mm high allowing easy installation in the tightest spaces.

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